"Snake Plant in Vase 01" - Print Edition

"Snake Plant in Vase 01" - Print Edition

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"Snake Plant in Vase 01," Print of original artwork by Madison Ross. June 2021.

Piece from PLANT TROMPE L’OEIL Collection. Illustrating greenery and plants in my apartment in Bed-Stuy through oil paint medium on canvas. Inspired by propagation and how one branch with a node and water can multiply into more branches. My goal was to portray plants in realistic imagery, yet subjected to optic illusion, playing and altering with the background.

Item Description: Artwork by Madison Ross, professionally printed on high-quality fine art paper supplied by VOL.1 PRINT, based in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

All prints come unframed and are carefully wrapped and shipped flat in a protective sleeve with cardboard backing or rolled in a sturdy tube, depending on the print size. 


Website: madisonasross.com


Instagram: @madisonasross

TikTok: @madisonasross


All work copyrighted © 2022, ARTWORK BY MADISON ROSS.