Photo: Parys Wyatt
Photo by Parys Wyatt
Madison Ross is a Brooklyn based painter, specialized in portrait painting with acrylic and oil paint mediums. Pursuing her bachelor’s in New York City, Madison majored in International Business with a concentration on Responsible Business Practices. Such interests led to experience in the fashion and home decor industries as well as supply chain, working with artisans, non-profits, and other socially sustainable entities. 
It was portrait painter Kehinde Wiley whose portrait of Big Daddy Kane at the Boca Raton Museum of Art one summer in 2016 that ignited Ross's love for portrait work. Similar to Wiley, Madison has a love for art history’s portrait painting traditions from artists like Ingres and Titian, where she brings a similar grandeur in her paintings. Aside from greenery and plants, Madison captures themed focus of women of color, specifically Black and African Descent Women, as they represent actual friends and family from her own life, inspiring her artwork.
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